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Alice in Wonderland;
people make books and books make people

ArchED, 2014 2nd category special jury award

A visitor’s experience of the bibliopole is interpreted an analogous to the experience of Alice in the tale “Adventures of Alice” when she falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy-world. The project offers an unexperienced poetic space; a promenade, expressing adventurous pleasure by means of curvilinear ramps going down to the land of bibliopole. The experience offered with this project is sustained by a curvilinear shell covering that is the only image of building on ground level with an elegant entry attracting people to the journey. The journey to underground levels under the translucent shell structure is made possible by a continuous ramp through all floors that are enveloped with giant bookshelves on outer walls. 





the site

creating a void for sunlight

entrance ramp leads to the bibliopole at underground 

covering with a shell structure that forms the light, space and circulation

additional skylight for better brightness inside the building

pavement for pedestrian acces

Section drawing

Stress analysis diagram

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