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Dancing Dome

best poster award, MSTAS 2017

​Dancing Dome is a responsive kinetic space that responds to needs of aliens. The flexibility at digital platform is transformed into pattern of origami. The relation of the rotating disks defines the movement of dance. Kinetic architecture is a medium of communication between digital and physical, intangible and tangible, invisible and visible.

the controlling point is necessary in order a circle to have a plain. The radius may vary according to the heights of the controlling points of a circle. The flexible circle may be possible in pixels but in atoms it has constrains.

a half sphere dome

dividing in vertical direction

three-axis, three controlling points on a circle

flexible cylinder loops

rotating mechanism to control the heights 

concept design video

maximum radius-maximum height

minimum radius-minimum height

9v servo

plexus glass 2mm-minimizing the wight

bar holder

resisting one way torsion

first,second-rotates like helix

third-resist torsion

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