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Lofted Forest
floating above the plate of Bologna

Bologna, Italy, is one of the most well preserved medieval town in the world. The definition of preserving here does not only means  leaving as it is but also, live with it. Bologna is breathing city, streets and piazzas are full of university students and elders, with their glass of Italian wine. My general intension was re bringing the green band, a tree-forest, which was planned in 1949. Also, burying most of the programs, I would like to introduce lightweight-ness to the historical site, so that they could feel the leaves, branches, and trunks of the trees instead of massive structure. On the underground, students would co-exist with the  historical fragments which remain under the outer most, last remaining citadel wall. Considering the Bologna as a red “plate”, I designed a lofted green “plate” which is the continuation of the botanic garden, and burying the laboratories where historical “plate” sleeps on. Moreover, the richness of the green plate would be form by the help of students. The varying sizes of the vegetation pot would be placed by students. As an architect, I would not be the only designer of the student center. Researching, studying, sleeping, eating and spending leisure time, students will be designing the green plate. The interaction between architecture and user will makes  the design process everlasting. 

B3 floor plan

B2 floor plan

B1 floor plan

section drawing​

ground floor plan

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

section drawing

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