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Mural Zone;
the source of light

Ankara castle, Ulus province, is the oldest settlemet of Ankara, which means the first town of Ankara. Still, Ulus is the center of transportation and has active city life. However, when sun sets, it becomes an unsafe place to visit. Therefore, I propose light poles, that not only lights the mural zone but also the entire city. 


Where to locate the light furnitures?


New grid system from the architecture, which bears the witness of that era.

When a building serves as a witness to a bygone era, it is preserved. If a building is considered a suitable prospect for bearing witness, even if it’s very fragile, like Katsura or, an example closer to home, the Eiffel Tower or Beaubourg, it is preserved. The fact that we maintain it, spruce it up, repair it, preserve it in perfect condition, is part of a ritual of conservation. Once a building has reached this dimension of “bearing withness”, it is, at least in a sense, archived, put under seal.


-Jean Nouvel, from “the singular objects of architecture”-

Ulus was in need of communication with neighborhoods and people. What if we generate infinite sustainable energy from geothermal power plant,  and distribute the electricity to the entire city to enlight the parks, streets, rivers, highways, parking lots, apartments, pazar, etc. In response, the city returns its dynamic data, such as how many people pass in that street, how many car passes, how many people are gathering at the pazar, how many people or animals are at park, to the kinetic light poles of the Mural Zone. Therefore, the light poles of the mural zones are the city monitors. Also, Ulus area will enlightened with the active movement of the city.

protection zones of historic walls

remaining zones that can be re-designed

light poles on intersections of grids

protection zones of rocks that forms the mural terrain

new city grids that respects the historical and natural sites

roads and edifices located according to the grid

protection zones of walls of the castle

protection zones of natural rock

protection zones of natural rock

light pole nights respecting the walls

light pole is allocated according to the grid and its heights are restricted by the height of the wall. in case of changes light poles are in modules structure

usage alternatives of the light poles

light poles are inserted on the intersections of the grids, which are centered on historical and natural sites

topological natural and historical elements shapes the grid of the city

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