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courtesy of rj models

Urban Plaza

Professional Work with Yazgan Design Architecture

National Museum Complex Competition Entry


Client - The National Agency for Administrative City Construction (NAACC)

Design Team - Kerem Yazgan, Kongpyung Moon, Aylin Kose, Gozde Bulut

3D visuals - RJ Models

Consultance - GMD Engineering

role: initial concept design, polishing submission documents, illustration, and CAD drawings. 

Urban plaza does not only have the entrances to the museums but also glass cubes that visually connects the inside of the museum and the storage tank. Therefore, people will witness the value gaining period of an art work. The public will be the part of the value. The promenade connects the five archive museums with heritage museum, facing the Geum river, also, slightly sloped walkways is the introduction, respecting the legacy of national heritage.

art school

urban square

central park



1st stage

2nd stage

2nd stage

1st stage

2nd stage

1st stage


standard building ground relationship

sunken plaza = regaining ground floor area

pull up = better height for plaza

push down = minimizing the momentum

connecting the plaza, museum and storage

site plan

courtesy of kerem yazgan,aylin kose, kongpyung moon

courtesy of kerem yazgan

section drawings

courtesy of aylin kose, gozde bulut

courtesy of rj models

 exposing/exhibiting value gaining process of an art 

open storage

temporary exhibitions

permanent exhibitions

circulations alternatives

courtesy of rj models

courtesy of rj models

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